Astypalea belongs to the Dodecanese complex, it has an intense Cycladic character. The symphony of blue and white- Astypalea, island of the Aegean. The Ancient Greeks called It ”The Banquet of Gods” and It is rich and appealing to all senses. Island It’s shape looks like a butterfly. Tradition, natural beauties, historical memories…


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According to mythology, Astypalea and Europe were the daughters of Phoenix and Perimede. Today, as in the past, Astypalea is renowned for It’s honey. Strangely enough, there are no snakes on the island, this is why Aristotle wrote that ”the land of Astypalea is the enemy of all snakes.” Also, island is called fish-bearing for It’s many and excellent fish.


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The picture of Chora with It’s white body and ocean blue heart- pure beauty and harmony. A special feature of Chora are eight preserved windmills along the neck of the hill, where are the new houses in harmony with surroundings, lead down to the harbor.


Hiking, Climbing, Mountaineering, Sea activities, Mountain Bike..

There are many beautiful beaches on Astypalea and I will show you some of them:

1. Beach of Kounoupes

cdf992_Kounoupa Koutsomytis_beautiful turquoise beaches of Greece - Astypalea_shutterstock_454145044

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2. Plakes

PLAKES by astypalaiaorg

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3. Tzanakia


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