I started with you tube channel. I will post videos 3 times per a week and I’ll talk  about things that interest me. I thought that I don’t need to post videos on yt, but then I realize that people like when they can see you and when they can ask you questions. I  will talk about make up, style, fashion, motivation, psychology, travel etc.

Write me If you want something special, some topic or you want to ask me something. I’ll talk in Serbian, but If you want some videos in English, write me and I will record same topic in English.

Pre nekoliko dana sam odlucila da pocinem da postavljam videa na you tube kanal. Videa cu postavljati 3 puta nedeljno, pricacu o stvarima koje volim i koje me zanimaju, a to su: moda, stil, motivacija, psihologija, putovanja itd.

Evo linka mog prvog videa: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wn4kPZNu6rk

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