I am not a walker promoting some urban guerilla matter. The fact is my jacket can seriously camouflage my spirit, (which is) struggle for Beauty, Freedom and Good Vibrations. But I love it. Whenever the occasion allows, whenever the Easiness combined with Freedom and Fearlessness is to be seen, I choose my  “military flower”,”easy hide easy go” jacket. Let`s call it “Zulu kiss”.

The boots are to emphasize, harmonize  the passion and expression. Meaning: devoted to unscrupulous fight for beautiful and supreme femininity, grace, uniqueness, street style symphony of “sharp `n  easy look”.


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You might consider this as “military look”.


I am against any violence, physical, emotional, aesthetic. I am against dehumanization, suppressing individuality, against avoiding our own responsibility for own our lifes. If my “Zullu kiss” is about to say something describing my character, anything but “I love my life, I love You” won`t be adequate.

But if this gorgeous jacket and this unforgettable boots will help me to achieve comfort of safeness in my skin, guard me in my expression, I`ll be happy in that appearance.


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OK. We should respect each other`s feelings.

“Zulu kiss” can be worn many ways.


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The watch? Never forget the elegance. The counterpoint of wild freedom and contumacy. The secret is in nuances.


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Do you see that heart?  Pretty urban, isn’t it?

The colors of the outfit are out of aesthetics meant to rely on nature.

But, heart is giving the sense. Love, the essence of soul.

The essence of my realm.


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Smile. The secret and sacred element of your soul, like Mona Lisa`s Mystery, smile will enlighten the daily path and sprinkle it with olive twigs and leaves, put the rose petals in front.

You can`t fool the audience passing by with fake smile. It comes from deep within, witnessing your awareness of HOW BEAUTIFUL YOU ARE. Every women is Sacred emotion, intuitive mind, world keeper.

Genuine and true, the  smile will conquer the Universe.


1 (3)


Not in a hurry. I am enjoying this cosmic flow of music out and inside me.

Can you see it? That`s Marija`s art. She is my  friend and photo guru. She makes passionate designed photos catching the moments, letting the colors decode the perfect reality in harmony.

Thank you Marija Andric. I love You.

“Zulu kiss” is the name I gave to my “urban smooth guerilla” jacket.

The accessories (a smile, positive attitude, love for life…) in this instruction manual for wearing it, has been shown here with delight for street style.

Tune your vibration to your noble and brave heart.


Jacket: Silvian Heach

Jeans: Tommy Hilfiger

Sweater: Sisley

Boots: Sante shoes

Bag: Stradivarius

Watch: Henry London

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