Beautiful black dress with some colorful details, made by Sandro Ferrone.

Sandro Ferrone, Italian brand, is a revolution in fast-fashion, very quickly, at times close to the market needs. This is for a modern woman who doesn’t want to think about what she want to wear and wants something new in her wardrobe every week. The designs and materials are of high quality and are manufactured in Florence and Rome. Besides the clothing they offer beautiful bags and other accessories, and that makes look complete. Visit their site: Sandro Ferrone.

Predivna Sandro Ferrone haljina. Mnogo mi se dopala, jednostavna je i elegantna. Sandro Ferrone je Italijani brend. Oni za sebe kazu da kreiraju modele za svaki dan, ali ima i dosta modela koji su jako elegantni i za posebne prilike. Koriste veoma kvalitetne materijale. U Beogradu  brend Sandro Ferrone mozete pronaci u radnjama Mediomoda.

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Photo by Velibor Ciric


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