Normcore is definitely a trend. But dressing Normcore doesn’t simply mean getting the first ordinary t-shirt from your wardrobe and pairing it with another basic: this style is actually based on an accurate research to find the perfect items. We could see the influence of Normcore spotted everywhere.

It’s all about embracing a new way of being cool: just feeling good about yourself, and yes not brushing your hair sometimes or wearing your pyjamas out. 

To me, Normcore is all about pairing an old jeans and cashmere pink coat with some basic white t-shirt. Or in the words of Alice Goddard : “Normcore Styling is about showing different types of clothing in a new way,” she says, “which normally means taking something—an item, a character or an idea—that I find kind of ugly and gross, and making it good.”

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Photo by Marija Andric



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