My favorite colors around Holidays are red and blue. I will tell you something about my red sandals. They look like a regular sandals but you can change their heel. So, when you buy them you get two pairs od heels. The first one is a regular one(short one) and the other one is high heel. When you order your sandals you choose hight of that another heel. I love them, they are perfect for the party or some event were you need to wear high heels because you can change your heels by yourself and you don’t need to suffer pain. Second thing that I love about them: they are red.


img_4895 img_4896 img_4897 img_4898 img_4899 img_4900




Sandals: Mime et moi

Skirt: Zara

Sweater: Morgan de Toi

Photo: Marija Andric

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