Long time no see :) I am sorry but I was very busy these months and I done a lot of stuff and here I am back to tell you what exactly happened.

So I finished BA in psychology, I had a lot of exams and at the end of my studies we have a final project. That project was case study of one person. My final exam took place in Military Hospital on Psychiatry in Belgrade and It lasted for three months. Every day I been there for five hours. It was great experience and I am happy that I had opportunity to be part of the professional team as that one in Military Hospital in Belgrade.

Also, in June my father got third heart attack and this was hard time for my family. But now, my father feels great and he decided to focus on healthy food, he walks every day and he stopped working in our family company because he thinks that is so stressful for him.

After that my mother was alone in company and whole summer my sister and I was there for her to help her.

Early this year I applied for MA program in Digital Marketing and Social Media in Thessaloniki, Greece. So, I needed to graduated by October. I had many exams and I did It. I got my diploma in Belgrade on 2nd October and on 3rd October I was in Thessaloniki in Greece in my new flat- in my new adventure.


I know that this little story sounds dramatic but It’s true, It happens, It’s life. I am thankful for every moment of my life and  I choose to put focus on positive things but sometimes It’s hard and I am pretty much sure that this experience made me stronger.

Right now I live in Thessaloniki, beautiful city at Sea. I met new people and started with totally different field of study but right now I think this is something that I like the most. It’s hard because It’s new and for a  lot of terminology I never heard before, but like I said It’s new experience.

In the end of summer I felt so sad and depressed, I felt like I don’t have enough strength and courage to move in different country and to start living alone. But I did It and I am so happy that I am going further and looking for new adventures.

Lastly, I just want to say that I will post much more often here on blog. Follow me on this wonderful journey and thank you.




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