I love strong colors like pink, red, blue, green and I usually not wear gray color but here is all gray outfit. Something different.

I never combined many different shades of gray but I tried this time and I love It. I found these beautiful staff in boutique Gardarober in Belgrade. This gorgeous necklace is from Happiness Boutique. And at the end great Gaxs Watch.


14975849_10211655570368242_598746411_o 14958773_10211655584488595_2009437019_n 15007776_10211655570288240_1321645639_o 14963649_10211655570488245_1879878831_o 14959055_10211655570328241_955483981_o 15007744_10211655570248239_198042183_o


Photo by Marija Andric


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