As I promised, I still have many looks to share with you from this fashion season. So get ready ! Many new outfits will arrive on my blog in the next couple of days. Nothing’s more enjoyable during hot summer days than feeling absolutely free and lost, either it’s in an “adventurous” travel state of mind or, in my regards, fashion as well. You can start by thinking early escapes to the beach, late night dinners and cocktails without any timeline, endless naps and talks with friends, a phone finally in a pocket or a bag instead of on the dining table… Also legs out, arms out, braided hear, big hats and tanned skin. Summer gives me a mood like nothing else. So happy, I can’t even relate. 13720655_10210582508062355_1828935760_o 13833029_10210582507662345_1307233017_o 13833316_10210582508422364_1151154163_o 13835642_10210582508502366_1542684527_o 13835908_10210582508262360_1805415897_o 13835917_10210582507782348_1174038387_o 13699344_10210582508302361_310700304_o



Photo by Marija Andric

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