This will be amazing part of our beautiful Belgrade. I made this photos a few days ago. Grey sky, hot coat and the book of Paulo Coelho. This  part of city is very popular for young people. It’s Savamala. Here you can sit on grass and watch river, kiss by river, eat lucnh in great restaurants, drink many types of beer. You have here Savanova, Berliner, Terminal, Jazz Bašta, Prohibicija, Dvorištance, Čorba kafe, Monsun club, Mixer, Shootiranje and many many other clubs/restaurants/caffes. You need just to come and enjoy in beautiful Savamala.

Coat: Balašević

Scarf: Guess

Dress: Desigual

Bag: Mona

Leggings: Falke

Boots: UGG

Cap: Firestar

PH by Velibor Ćirić

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