Winnie Harlow or Chantelle Winnie, is a Canadian model. She is also known for her prominent form of the chronic skin condition vitilligo. In 2011, Harlow posted a YouTube video, “Vitiligo: A Skin Condition, not a Life Changer”, where she shares her story and answers questions about what it’s like to have vitiligo. In November 2014, she gave a TED Talk in which she stated there’s no reason to fit into preordained molds, as “there is beauty in everything.

This girl is fantastic. full of confidence, with an attitude, unique, specific, simply perfect. I follow her on social media. She is absolutely  magic. What I like most is her confidence. She inspire others with her attitude.

Kanadski top model, Winnie Harlow, devojka koja je zavolela svoju bolest i čije samopouzdanje me inspiriše. Ona je unikatna, posebna i jedinstvena. Šarmatna Winnie je osoba koja ima vitiligo, ona se ne stidi svog izgleda i sa svojom harizmom i stavom pleni. Pratim je na društvenim mrežama i divim joj se.

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