I choose this summer to travel and see amazing USA. My first destnation is Chicago. Beautiful and crazy big city. Every person here is special and have unique style. I heard so many things about people here, that they are cold, without emotions, unpolite etc. But, that’s not true. People here are kind, nice, polite, and they always want to help you. I saw many shows here, some of them are: Snarky puppy in Millenium park, The Main Squeez in Concord hall etc.

I was here for 4th July and I saw amazig fireworks. People in Serbia have 1th May and they are hang out with friends, listening music, have fun, drink alcohol, eat bbq etc. Here is the same for USA people, they do the same thigs for 4th July. I live here in Hinsdale, subrub near Chicago, and Hinsdale here is the same thig like Beverly Hills in CA. I saw pride here in Hinsdale for 4th July, one word-AMAZING.

For me it’s  so funny beacuse in USA people use foot, pound, mile, billion, fahrenheit etc. And for me it’s so hard to always use convertor for everthing. And when i say i am 176 sm tall, they don’t know what i am talkig about. Also, here people can’t say my name, they always ask me: ”Can you repeat?” or ”What?” or ”Again.”. So, always when i say :”My name is Milica”, i need to say after that I am from Serbia.

My Serbian friends Ketherine and Helen are great hosts, we are always together, so i have great time here.

Also I was in Chicago Zoo, big and cute place, they have here so many animals, some of them i never saw before.


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